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(A) unknown variety of single-cropping (B and C) remontant - refruits from May to October.

Additional Info

  • Genus:
  • Species:
  • Cultivar:
    (A) unknown variety of single-cropping (B) remontant Maestro (la nouvelle gento) (C) remontant Cijosée
  • Recommended site:
    Sunny well drained ground
  • Flowers for cutting:
  • Height (cm):
    50cm X 50 cm
  • Watering:
    Water regularly
  • History in Graham's Garden:

    2004 Planted (A) one single gift plant which produced runners but no fruit

    2005 Planted 10X plantlet runners in April; first fruits May 23rd Used straw to raise fruits; total 63 berries harvested; Dec 6th replanted runner plantlets giving bed of 50 plants at 15cm spacing

    2006 Harvested lots of fruit 23/5 to mid June; Replanted runners 13th Dec to give again 50 plant bed

    2007 Fruit ripens from 15/5 but not as many as last year. Did not use straw and fruit became muddy. Dug up bed and added compost in November

    2008 Planted 6 X (B) through black plastic microporous foil (14 Feb); Plastic degraded quickly in sun; First berries around 20th June cropping well by early July typically 3 - 5 ripe at any one time. Production increased in September and 27th September gave a full dish of fruit; still producing 16/10

    2009 First fruits6X harvested 10/5

    2010 Harvesting mid-May.

    2011 Harvesting from 8/5 this year. Plants composted at end of year.

    2012 Planted (C) with propritry fertilizer in Bed A triangular corner on 17/3/12.

    2017  Planted 6X plants XXXXX in soil filled trough in spring. Produced a few fruit in May. Transplanted into three clumps to over-winter in potager bed C on 27/9

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