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The popular raspberry yields lots of fruit from a small cultivation area. The tasty fruits are produced in profusion and are great for all sorts of desserts and jams. Some consider autumn-fruiting types to be a prefered choice for easy maintenance.

Additional Info

  • Genus:
  • Species:
  • Cultivar:
    Magnific Delbard
  • Recommended site:
    Plants enjoy well-drained acidic soil. and full sun. Avoid growing on chalky soils as the plants will grow poorly and have yellow leaves.(bad news for Graham's Garden !)
  • Flowers for cutting:
  • Height (cm):
    60 cm
  • Spacing (cm):
    Plant at 50 cm spacing with 250 cm between rows.
  • Cultivation:

    For the biggest crops mulch around the plants each year with well-rotted manure and tie the canes onto horizontal support wires.

  • Graham's Tip:
    Do your homework before you are persuaded to purchase on impulse !
  • Pruning advice:

    As with all summer fruiting raspberries the canes that have fruited should be cut back to ground level as soon as all the fruit has been picked.

  • History in Graham's Garden:

    2009 Planted out 5 X canes along edge of jardin potager at 50 cm spacing. Then read warning not to try growing on chalky soil !

    2017 Second attempt since neighbours seem to be able to grow these fruits. 27/9 planted 8X rooted canes from John Smith in potager bed C. Mixed soil with home-made compost before planting.

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