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High Rainfall not all bad news Featured

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Gardening Diary 25th June 2013

Another warm and sunny day was a good opportunity to lift and dry the remaining garlic in the potager. And what a success they have been this season ! Earlier this month I had harvested the six huge bulbs that I grew from an unknown species bought at a local brocante, plus a couple of “regular” for comparison. Today's crop comprised some 60 very good-sized bulbs of the “Messidrome” variety of white garlic. These were planted out on November 11th and were from 60+ calibre bulbs.

The excellent result seems a bonus since I have hardly performed any maintenance on the bed so far this year. Thus there was plenty of weed-growth around the stems when I eventually got round to harvesting – something that's traditionally frowned upon with such shallow-rooted vegetables. I can only attribute this success to the vast amount of rainfall in the first half of the year, enhanced perhaps by the well-cultivated condition of the potager bed.

Today I trimmed the roots, and left the bulbs to dry a little in the sunshine. I'll be stringing them for storage within the next days and hoping that we've enough to see us through until next summer.

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