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Friday, 06 February 2009 20:07

Watering Restrictions

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In this region of France, we are used to hot and dry summers and often these lead to local restrictions for watering gardens and other green areas. A popular subject for conversations, the rules and measures are frequently exchanged between friends and neighbours, but the advice is not always accurate and current. To check out the daily position for the Poitou-Charentes region, check-out this useful link - water-restriction site. You just need to enter your departement and commune name to see the detailed list of what can and cannot be watered, and the restricted times of day.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009 10:54

Share your own garden photographs on this site

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 It is now possible to upload your own photographs into so that they can be seen by other members. Perhaps you have a particularly good specimen of a rose, or a successful colour scheme in a mixed border. You might want to show long range shots of a whole section of your garden, or detailed close-ups of special flowers. The advent of digital photography has made it very easy to record what's happening in the garden, and now it's possible for you to store and share your images on this site.


In the “My Gallery” section, you can store your gardening photographs in your own space. Just post an image in the Category "My garden" and wiithin a couple of days you'll have your own sub-category called "username's garden" (eg graham's garden) in the category "Member's gardens". It's easy to add, move or delete your photographs, and there is space for you to add captions and comments to each image. Other users can view your photographs, and can add comments or show their appreciation by scoring votes. Everyday the last five uploaded images will appear on the home page of so it's your chance to show the world your gardening successes.


Using My Gallery is easy – here's how.


  1. First you need to be logged-in as a member. This you can do from the Home Page. Not yet a member ? Why not join by registering ? It only takes a couple of minutes and will also give you access to the Forum where you can pose and answer gardening questions and comments. This site is for gardeners with an interest in gardening in France and intended as a way to share ideas and experiences. It has no commercial links at all, and I promise you would not be exposed to any spam mail or the like as a registered member.

  2. Logged-in ? Great ! Now go to “User Menu” on the top menu bar (right hand side) and choose “My Gallery” from the drop-down. This will take you to the Gallery where you can view all the images, or select images. You can then add comments to an image, or give it a rating. This function is open to anyone, whether a member of or not. Unregistered Users can access the Gallery by clicking on the Homepage “movie”.

  3. To upload your own images, click on “User panel” (icon top left of page), then “New picture”. Complete the fields and give the path to the image on your computer (the file name – most easily done using “Browse”). You can upload up to three images simultaneously with the same Title. Don't worry about the size of the image – the programme automatically resizes to give the best display in the Gallery. Add a title and some descriptive text. It's useful but not compulsory to include your name in the title since new images are displayed on the homepage - for example a title could be "Roses in Peter's garden" . Then simply click on “Upload” and the world will be able to admire your gardening skills !


NB: Grahamsgarden reserves the right to remove any images considered inappropriate from this site. Images should be related to gardening, and should be owned by the member (ie not subject to third party copyright).